Nordic Walking is a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity and maximum health benefits combined with convenience. Get information on the techniques, facts about enhanced health benefits of this unique exercise trend and take advantage of free phone consultations from the pros about the kind of walking poles that are right for you. Become a certified Nordic Walking Instructor. Train locally on the beach or exercise in the convenience of your home with the first Nordic Walking DVD produced in the United States. This exercise program is great for those who can no longer take the steady pounding of running or jogging on their joints, but want the same health benefits of a full workout.

Bernd Zimmermann discovered Nordic Walking, while in Europe in 1998.

As an internationally renowned Health & Fitness Expert, he immediately recognized the potential health benefits and began training in this extraordinary fitness concept with Austrian and German Nordic Walking specialists and studied this extraordinary Fitness concept.

Bernd is Founder and Master Coach of the American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA). Bernd established ANWA to promote Nordic Walking in the US, primarily because Nordic Walking offers so many Health benefits.

With his expertise and unique qualifications Bernd produced the first Nordic Walking Instructional DVD/Video (released 2004) and Nordic Walking ebook available in the US.