DSCN0483 resizeThe successful participation in one of our Guide Workshops opens the door to instructorship: now you can become a Basic, Advanced, or Professional ANWA instructor.

ANWA not only conducts the Certification Seminars for this three different levels, it also does the marketing and provides ready-made materials for ANWA Instructors who want to start their own business within ANWA: Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, and a Customized Web site.

Get Started – Become a Nordic Walking Guide
The first steps with ANWA

If you are passionate about Nordic Walking already and you are ready to share this passion with others – attend the next ANWA Get Started – The Nordic Walking Guide Workshop!

You’ll receive the highest level of instruction from our certified ANWA trainers who conduct ANWA Certification Seminars. They will share the techniques and tools necessary for you to safely and effectively introduce your family, friends, and colleagues to the amazing sport of Nordic Walking!

This four hour course has no previous teaching requirements. You’ll receive quality instruction from a certified ANWA Instructor plus education and training materials. (Nordic Walking poles are provided for your use during this workshop).
Following this workshop, you’ll be prepared to promote your new passion – Nordic Walking, and you’ll be on your way to the next level – ANWA Basic Instructor Certification.

What is provided during the Workshop?
4 hours of quality training from a certified ANWA Instructor
Education and training materials.
Certificate of Completion.
Nordic Walking related products and accessories will also be available.

What should you bring to the Workshop?
Sport Shoes, Outdoor Clothing, Sunscreen, and a Water Bottle.


ANWA Basic Instructor
Train groups on a beginner level

10 lessons (8 hrs=1 Day) seminar prepares participant to train groups on a beginner level. Qualifications: A Love to Nordic Walking,and desire to promote and expand this sport. Informing and promoting Nordic Walking in your local area, demonstrating the basics of Nordic Walking, and introducing others to this great full body workout.

ANWA Advanced Instructor
Train groups on a higher level

10 lessons (8 hrs=1 Day) seminar prepares participant to train groups on a higher level (theory and practice) with additional focus on teaching skills. Qualifications: ANWA member. ANWA Basic Instructor. For experienced Instructors and proof of 6+ months teaching experience and promoting the Health and Fitness benefits of Nordic Walking in their local area.

ANWA Professional Instructor
Teaching and promoting Nordic Walking professionally nationwide

20 lessons (16 hrs =2 days) seminar prepares participant on all aspects of Nordic Walking education. Qualifications: ANWA member. Completion of two ANWA certification seminars. 6+ months training as ANWA Advanced Instructor. Certification in a related health, fitness, training activity. Valid CPR. Responsible for teaching and promoting Nordic Walking professionally nationwide,for their own business in cooperation with ANWA.

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