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Whats Included

Our ANWA Starter Package 2 is a great value because it includes everything needed to train at your best. Our package includes PREMIUM Nordic Walking Poles and an Instructional Video to guide you in your Basic training


Leki's Instructor Nordic Walking Poles.
This package also includes a Professional Training Video/DVD.

Buy Today for only $ 137.50 + $15 Shipping & Handling for non-members


Buy Today for only $ 137.50. FREE shipping for ANWA members

Official ANWA Starter Package 2 with Leki Poles and Pro Instruction Video (Best Value)

Leki Instructor poles available light or dark blue Trigger 1 with Carbon lower and Alu upper
Leki Instructor Nordic Walking Poles Features:
  • Adjustable, releasable trigger energy+30 strap offers superior support
  • Super lock system (SLS): the strongest pole locking system available as tested by TUV
  • Specifically designed to provide traction needed for nordic walking technique on pavement
  • Cylindrical tips offer secure hold when nordic walking off road, all terrain and surfaces
  • Sizing - fully adjustable size range of 100 - 135cm fits walkers of all sizes and ages

 Comes with ANWA’s Professional Nordic Walking Instructional Trainings Video/DVD

Learn Nordic Walking from the Experts - you can begin to practice with your poles right away thanks to the Instructional Video.

This Nordic Walking DVD/Video is not a quick infomercial for the sport. This sixty minute, full-length instructional DVD/Video explains in 16 chapters everything about Nordic Walking. It will give you a very comprehensive overview about the potential and health benefits of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking is more than just walking with poles - technique is vitally important to achieve the amazing health benefits this sport provides! Now you can learn the correct technique from the comfort of your home. Great for those without professional instruction in their area - or to supplement your professional training experience. You would also be better prepared to come to one of our ANWA workshops or Certification seminar.


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