SportsPro Travel Poles

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SportsPro Travel – Compact and light travel pole of high quality, with a reliable locking mechanism that ensures the poles stays locked in the desired length. 

The tip of the pole located underneath the rubber foot is replaceable, and is recommended to use for extra good grip, for example on icy or slippery surfaces or in quicksand.

When walking with poles the heart is strengthened as well as the muscles, tissues and bone structure. Research shows that you can get up to 38% more efficient workout when using poles compared to regular walking without poles.  Also relieves pressure from ankles, knees and hips.

Length: 20.5– 50 inches.
Telescopic: 4 sectionsGrip: Ergonomically designed with padded hand straps
Shaft: Aluminum
Tip: Tungsten
Rubber foot: Natural rubber
Color: Blue and black

The Travel Pole is delivered in a complete set of two poles, including tips, baskets, rubber feet and a practical bag for storage.

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