Nordic Walking is a great fitness workout for people who are looking for a fun physical activity and maximum health benefits combined with convenience.

Nordic Walking is known by many names but pole walking, ski walking and Nordic ski walking are all basically the same activity with the difference being in the quality of the product and the technique.

Nordic Walking has roots all the way back to the 1930s in Finland when cross-country skiers would use poles on dry land for training exercises. The actual sport of Nordic Walking took off in Europe about a decade ago and is now catching on in North America.

Bernd Zimmermann, President of ANWA, founded the American Nordic Walking Association in 2004

He discovered it in the late 1990’s while he was in Europe where he trained there with the Nordic Walking pioneers.
Bernd produced the first Nordic Walking Instructional DVD/Video in the US “Nordic Walking the Ultimate Fitness Experience” – to promote this fantastic sport.
ANWA,the American Nordic Walking Association is conducting classes and workshops for beginners as well as certification seminars nationwide for becoming a Nordic Walking Instructor -as well as for individuals who want to learn the proper technique to achieve all the health benefits what Nordic Walking can then offer.

Nordic Walking can be done everywhere all year around and is very affordable and not costly.

Although Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport and was invented in Finland in 1997, it is now the fastest growing sport in the world.

Nordic Walking – fitness walking with specially designed poles – is the hottest fitness trend in Europe with an estimated 8 million Nordic Walkers, and an estimated 2 million here in America.

Nordic Walking is a better way to walk for fitness. With the simple addition of specific Nordic walking poles you actively engage your upper body to turn walking into an energizing total body exercise that burns up to 40% more calories, tones your arms and upper body, and reduces stress on your knees and joints. It’s an easy way to get a better workout in less time, and it can be done anywhere you currently walk for exercise: sidewalks, roads, trails…even indoor tracks and malls.

Nordic Walking is also a great addition for current Fitness and Health Professionals to add to their training programs, and it’s also an excellent exercise for those who are interested in starting a career as an Instructor. Walking is easily the most popular exercise in America, with over 80 million walkers, making the growth potential for Nordic Walking in America unprecedented compared to any other new exercise introduced to this country. Not only is there a huge potential to help new clients improve their fitness and health (millions of walkers), but it’s also good for current clients, providing a new, efficient and effective exercise that can add some spark and variety to keep their fitness routine fresh and fun.

ANWA was created to ensure consistent, excellent Nordic Walking training and product resources are available.
The mission of ANWA is to promote and expand this fantastic sport in the US, realizing the importance of proper instruction and technique to achieve the true health benefits,as well as using the correct equipment.
ANWA focuses on the development of education and certification programs for Nordic Walking instructors of different levels and is the leading independent Nordic Walking instruction program in North America.

Since then, ANWA has been organizing nationwide seminars for being an certified ANWA instructor as well as offering introductory workshops for beginners. The ANWA 2015 schedule is listed on our website.

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