Proper technique and to learn how to use your poles in the correct way is essential – and that is the mission and specialty from ANWA -American Nordic Walking Association -the Authority for Nordic Walking in North America.

ANWA is conducting workshops and Certification seminars for Beginners and Advanced all over the country at various locations. The schedule for the available locations in the US and Canada with over 350 planned events in 2015 are listed up at their website : 



If you are passionate about Nordic Walking and you are ready to share this passion with others – attend the next ANWA Get Started – The Nordic Walking Guide Workshop!

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Click on the following links for more information on upcoming seminars for the different levels:

BASIC Certification


ANWA has now integrated online training -which means instead of participating in a Group on the various locations – the training procedure can be covered remote and individually from the ANWA headquarters  in Los Angeles.
ANWA offers online training options for those people who cannot attend at the listed locations – so that everybody will have the opportunity for being trained from ANWA’s certified Experts.

This is also an interesting and efficient option time and cost wise -since it’s not necessary to travel and also possible for getting started right away.
This training would work remote online via a step by step process – direct and one on one personal training via appointment -while using the modern technology via Internet (emails/text and Video/Skype /Phone etc).

ANWA is offering this online training for Beginners and Advanced covering various training levels for getting started- or for becoming a certified Nordic Walking Instructor after passing a practical and theoretical exam and receiving the Certification Diploma – after passing the test.
ANWA is interested to promote and expand Nordic Walking all over the country and will support especially those future instructors in the best possible way – and supervise those newcomers for getting trained professionally.
This is the perfect solution for all of those who are more serious about Nordic Walking and interested to perform the proper technique and also for those who plan eventually to conduct then classes in their local area – after being certified.

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