Business Opportunities
Become your own boss !
Become a Certified smovey Coach and being an independent entrepreneur for creating revenue with instruction and becoming a licensed reseller or eventually a distributor of the unique smovey Vibroswing-System.

8 hour workshop ”SmoveyCOACH“
– Lower wholesale price, gets discount per quantity.
– In the best case this person is willing and has the financial power to build up a smovey business.
(For example the owner of a fitness facility, the headquarters of a retirement home) but everyone is allowed to take part
– Is able to conduct Smovey Trainings.
– Is allowed to conduct 2 hour workshop.
Smovey MASTER-INSTRUCTORS and selected SmoveyCOACHES in the future to build up the business.
– Best wholesale price.
– Is allowed to conduct all seminars.
– Is a strong business partner to build up the brand.

ZFIT is a division of Wellness & Performance Enterprises, Los Angeles, California, and is the exclusive master representative for the unique smovey Vibroswing-System in North America.

The founder Bernd Zimmermann prides himself in being at the forefront of the latest innovative technology featuring the newest products the industry has to offer. Since 1984 he has been a well known Link and platform to exchange the newest innovations and products in health, fitness, beauty and wellness between the US and Europe. He works together with a team of international experts from the US and Europe to provide professional service for your needs. As a result we are promoting unique products and our extensive list of contacts and associates means we can present your company with the best opportunity in foreign and domestic markets. Our multi-lingual staff makes it easy to find opportunities for European products in the US market and vice versa. We partner with companies all over the world who specialize in producing the most innovative products, testing them and bringing them to the attention of our clients and making recommendations to our potential clients. If you’d like to discuss how ZFIT can assist you in expanding the market for your product or inquire about our Business opportunities, please fill out this online contact form first and we will get back to you to discuss your plans.

Become your own boss getting professionally trained by smovey Master Trainer Gottfried Kuermer and the ZFIT team for becoming a smovey Coach and eventually becoming a product distributor in your local area. We are offering to our instructor and distributor network our unique ZFIT smovey concepts and know-how for a growing number of entrepreneurs interested in achieving their financial goals while helping others.

ZFIT in combination with smovey North America promotes holistic and healthy living solutions that reflect our philosophy of “Sound Mind, Sound Body”. To achieve this harmony of mind, body, and spirit, our approach to wellness combines a disciplined exercise, nutrition and supplements regimen with the latest industry innovations and specialized health and fitness products.

We provide the unique concepts, know-how, and long-term experience to successfully realize your vision of opening your own venture.

If you are interested in becoming a certified smovey Coach and creating revenue with instruction and belonging to our distributor network then please fill out the contact form to your right and we will get back to you to discuss your plans in more detail.

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